Lavor WD 255 XE

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Code: 8.239.0006
WD 255 XE
Made in ItalyAutomatic on/off


2 high efficiency motors. Double electrical insulation. Suction system with bypass cooling. Accessory storage facility. Stainless steel tank. Power tool socket (max 2200 W) with electronic board to stop vacuum function. Power cable holder. 4 pivoting wheels. Metal closing hooks. Rotating ON/OFF switch with 3 positions. Power cable 5 m. Flex hose 2.5 m.


Technical characteristics

Voltage 230 V- 50 Hz
Weight 19 Kg
Tank capacity 55 l
Air suction max. 2x 65 l/s
Power 2x 1200 (max 2x 1400 W) W max

Standard accessories

Tubo flex.png


2.5 m flex hose ø 40

Tubo prolunga curva in acciaio cromato.jpg


Curved steel pipe ø 40

tubo cromato.png


Steel pipe ø 40

spazzola per polvere e liquidi.png

Accessories holder

Accessories holder

Accessorio setolato trasp.png

Bristle brush

Bristle brush

Accessorio liquidi trasp.png

Brush for liquid

Brush for liquids

Lancia piatta sfondo bianco.png

Flat lance

Flat lance ø 40

filtro panno 2.png

Cloth filter

Cloth filter

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Lavor WD 255 XE


Floors-carpets-Radiators-activity Waste - do-it-yourself-Cleaning pellet stoves, fireplaces and barbecue-Glazed-tile, sanitary ware-armchairs and sofas-wall, wallpaper-Garage