Code: 8.047.0020
Vertigo 28 Plus
Washing level 6


Vertigo 28 Plus semi-professional Made in Italy cold water high pressure cleaner.160 bar max, 2800 W, 510 l/h max. Low maintenance motor with thermal protection, axial pump, brass pump head, high-strength steel pistons, built in by-pass valve. Very low noise level. Direct detergent suction with built-in tank. Practical trolley with ergonomic handle and accessory storage facility. Electric power cable holder. Automatic Stop System. Hose reel as standard equipment. Induction motor powered Three steel pistons, brass pump head with built-in by-pass valve. Very low noise. Automatic Stop System. Side holder to site lance and gun matched together (ready for use) Built-in detergent tank for direct suction Accessory storage facility Hose reel Trolley with ergonomic handle granting excellent mobility Gun with quick connection Reinforced professional high pressure hose Lance with quick connection nozzles (set of 5 nozzles included) TURBO nozzle.

Technical characteristics

Max. pressure 160 bar max
Delivery rate 510 l/h max
Absorbed power 2800 W max

Standard accessories


H. P. Gun

Gun with  quick connection S'10Y

Copy of Copy of Tubo attacco rapido.png

H.p. hose

8 m h.p. hose with quick connection


Steel lance

Lance with nozzle holder (without nozzle)

ugello turbo.png

Turbo nozzle

Turbo nozzle Ø 1,15 with quick connection

innesto attacco rapido.png

Quick connection

Quick connection 3/4 F



Set of 5 nozzles for high pressure lance


sabbiante hobby.png

Sand blasting lance

Sand blasting lance

spurgatubi hobby.png

pipe cleaning hose

6 m pipe cleaning hose

spurgatubi hobby.png

pipe cleaning hose

10 m pipe cleaning hose

spurgatubi hobby.png

pipe cleaning hose

15 m pipe cleaning hose

Spazzola fissa rot. 06.png

Fixed brush

Fixed brush

spazzola rotante.png

Rotating brush

Rotating brush 04

kit aspirazione deposito.png

Water suction kit

Water intake Kit from store

lancia schiuma.png

Foam lance + bottle

Foam lance + Bottle

raccordo giunzione tubi.png


Cupling 1/4 "M x M22

porta gomma per attacco rapido.png


Inlet quick coupling

tubo giardino.png

Water inlet hose

Water inlet hose 3 m

innesto rapido con filtro.png

Water Filter

Inlet quick coupling 3/4 with built-in water filter

filtro acqua.png

Water Filter

Inlet water filter 3/4F-3/4 M

6.008.0151 bianca.jpg

Surfer Patio Cleaner

Thanks to high pressure and to the double rotating nozzle it is possible to wash any outside surface perfectly.

To be used only with cold water.

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