Code: 8.601.0178C
Marshall 2300
Washing level 6


Three steel pistons, aluminium axial pump head with built-in by-pass valve. Unleaded petrol engine 5 HP. Accessory storage facility. Hose holder. Trolley with ergonomic handle, granting excellent mobility. Gun with quick connection. Lance with quick connection nozzles (set of 5 nozzles included).


Technical characteristics

Max. pressure 160 bar max
Delivery rate 480 l/h max
Absorbed power 5 HP
Tempi 4
RPM 3600

Standard accessories

pistola M22.png


Gun with quick connection M22 -1/4 "M

innesto attacco rapido.png

Quick connection

Quick connection 3/4 F

Kit ugelli.png

Set of 5 nozzles

Set of 5 nozzles with quick connection ΓΈ 1.1

Lancia attacco rapido-60020322 copia.png


M22 lance with quick-connection nozzle head (nozzles not included)


spurgatubi m22.png

Pipe cleaning hose

6 m pipe cleaning hose M22

spurgatubi m22.png

Pipe cleaning hose

10 m pipe cleaning hose M22

kit aspirazione deposito.png

Water suction kit

Water intake Kit from store

raccordo giunzione tubi.png


Cupling 1/4 "M x M22

porta gomma per attacco rapido.png


Inlet quick coupling

tubo giardino.png

Water inlet hose

Water inlet hose 3 m

innesto rapido con filtro.png

Water Filter

Inlet quick coupling 3/4 with built-in water filter

filtro acqua.png

Water Filter

Inlet water filter 3/4F-3/4 M

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Lavor Marshall 2300


Cleaning of terraces, porches, patios and other surfaces-cleaning of swimming pools-Driveways, patios and entrance-garden furniture-barrels, drums and containers-cars, motorcycles, caravans, bikes-Gutters, drain channels-gates, walls of enclosure-Cleaning boats and personal watercraft-Draining basements, tanks, swimming pools, ponds-garden, to irrigate the garden, Park