Code: 8.113.0007C
LVR4 150 Digit
New design and new technology: LVR Series is the result of the latest engineering developments of LAVOR R&D dpt.
Washing level 5Turbo LanceNew editionEco EnergyDIGIT
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  • Three pistons, aluminium pump head with built-in by-pass valve.
  • Digital Control Smart System.
  • Automatic stop system. 
  • Accessory storage facility.
  • Cable holder.
  • Telescopic upper handle. 
  • Gun and pump with quick connection. 
  • High pressure nozzle with Variojet, adjustable fan jet. 
  • Turbo nozzle.
  • Lower secondary handle for horizontal transport.
  • Adjustable Foam System.
  • Patio cleaner.

Technical characteristics

Max. pressure 150 bar max
Delivery rate 450 l/h max
Absorbed power 2100 W max
Weight 11,8 Kg

Standard accessories


Gun S'16

Gun S'16 with quick coupling

lancia portatestine.png


Lance with nozzle head holder


High pressure nozzle

High pressure nozzle

6.0020636 nozzle.png

High pressure nozzle

High pressure nozzle, adjustable jet needle/fan 

testina turbo.png

TURBO nozzle head

Turbo nozzle head Ø 1.025 (for nozzle No. 6.002.0340)


High pressure hose

High pressure hose 8 metres with quick coupling gun side and pump side

innesto rapido con filtro.png

Coupling / filter

Quick coupling 3/4 F with built-in filter


Foam system

Foam system with adjustable detergent quantity and adjustable jet


Patio cleaner

To wash any outside suface perfectly.

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Lavor LVR4 150 Digit