Code: 8.113.0001C
LVR3 140

New design and new technology: LVR Series is the result of the latest engineering developments of LAVOR R&D dpt.

Washing level 4Turbo LanceNew edition
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  • Three pistons, aluminium pump head with built-in by-pass valve. 
  • Automatic stop system. 
  • Accessory storage facility.
  • Cable holder.
  • Telescopic upper handle. 
  • Gun and pump with quick connection. 
  • High pressure nozzle with Variojet, adjustable fan jet. 
  • Turbo nozzle.
  • Lower secondary handle for horizontal transport.
  • Adjustable Foam System.

Technical characteristics

Max. pressure 140 bar max
Delivery rate 450 l/h max
Absorbed power 1900 W max

Standard accessories


Gun S'16

Gun S'16 with quick coupling

lancia portatestine.png


Lance with nozzle head holder

6.0020636 nozzle.png

High pressure nozzle

High pressure nozzle with needle/fan adjustable jet

testina turbo.png

TURBO nozzle head

Turbo nozzle head Ø 1.025 (for nozzle No. 6.002.0340)


High pressure hose

High pressure hose 6 metres with quick coupling gun side and pump side

innesto rapido con filtro.png

Coupling / filter

Quick coupling 3/4 F with built-in filter


Foam system

Foam system with adjustable detergent quantity and adjustable jet

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