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Pneumatic filter shakerMade in ItalyWashable filterNew edition
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Ashley KOMBO is a multifunction product 4 in 1: it is ash vacuum cleaner, wet & dry vacuum clenaer and and has blowing function. It is suitable to vacuum ash from any type of fireplace, stove or barbecue, dust in general and even liquids.

Equipped with the innovative pneumatic filter shaker for fast filter cleaning without opening the tank.

  • Silenced motor. 
  • Double electrical insulation. 
  • Vacuum system with by-pass cooling. 
  • Steel tank. 
  • Washable cartridge filter + special pre-filter for fine dust.

Technical characteristics

Voltage 230 V- 50 Hz
Tank capacity 14+14 l
Air suction max. 30 l/s
Depression max. 180 mbar
Power 1000 (max 1200) W max
Motore aspirazione 1000 (max 1200 W) W
Depressione max 180 mbar/18 kPa

Standard accessories

tubo flex acciaio rivestito.png

Flex hose

Flex hose 1,5 mt with lance

Tubo flex.png


1, 5 m flex hose. with straight handle ø 35

tubo prolunga rigido.png


Extension pipe 0.45 m ø 35

filtro rete.png

Washable filter

Washable cartridge filter

Lancia piatta sfondo bianco.png

Flat lance

Flat lance ø 35

filtro spugna.png

Foam filter

Foam filter for wet vacuum


spazzola per polvere e liquidi.png


Brush for dust and liquids

filtro panno 2.png


Nylon pre-filter for fine dust.


spazzola rotonda nera.png

Round brush

Round bristle brush

pennello acciaio.png

Round brush

Steel bristle brush

spazzolina radiatori.png

brush for radiators

Radiator brush

filtro panno.png

Cloth filter

Cloth filter


Additional prefilter

Additional prefilter (only when the filter cartridge)


Cartridge filter

The special pleated filtering material allows to have a greater filtering surface in a small space. For dry waste only, reusable, it can be cleaned with compressed air.

Filtro a cartuccia Hepa-10x10.jpg

HEPA Filter

Thanks to the special filtering material, the HEPA filter can hold impurities up to 0.3 micron with 99.7% efficiency, reusable, it can be cleaned with compressed air

Filtro lavabile a cartuccia.jpg

Washable filter

The special pleated filtering material allows to have a greater filtering surface in a small space. Both for wet and dry waste, reusable, it can be washed with water or cleaned with compressed air.

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