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Advanced 1108
DieselCold WaterHot waterMade in Italy
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It is the most compact hot water high-pressure cleaner available on the market. Very compact, portable, functional and with innovative design: these are the main features of ADVANCED, offering top performances to meet requirements of the most demanding customers. Burner regulation, optimized combustion. Double motor (pump and burner). Three high durability steel pistons, aluminium axial pump.  Vertical boiler with high efficiency steel coil. Safety valve. Rotating switch with 3 positions: 1 Stop, 2 cold water washing, 3 hot water washing. Automatic stop system.

Technical characteristics

Max. pressure 145 bar max
Delivery rate 450 l/h max
Absorbed power 2300 W max
Voltage 230V - 50Hz
Temperature 80 °C

Standard accessories

pistola 60010078.png

S' 10 gun with quick connection

S' 10 gun with quick connection

4618 TUBO R1.png

H.p. professional hose 8 m

H.p. professional hose 8 m

Lancia symplex scoperta-8x4 copia.png


Lance SY'99 high/low pressure d. 1,05

innesto attacco rapido.png

Quick coupling 3/4F

Quick Coupling 3/4F

lancia schiuma.png

Foam lance

Foam lance with bottle


sabbiante hobby.png

Sand blasting lance

Sand blasting lance

spurgatubi hobby.png

6 m pipe cleaning hose

6 m pipe cleaning hose

spurgatubi hobby.png

10 m pipe cleaning hose

10 m flusher Sensor

spazzola fissa.png

Fixed brush

Fixed brush

spazzola rotante.png

Rotating brush

Rotating brush

raccordo giunzione tubi M22.png

Coupling M22-1/4 "

M22-pipes joint Connector 1/4 "

innesto rapido con filtro.png

Coupling / filter

Quick coupling 3/4 F with built-in filter

filtro acqua.png

Water Filter

Inlet filter 3/4F-3/4 M

6.008.0151 bianca.jpg

Surfer Patio Cleaner

Thanks to high pressure and to the double rotating nozzle it is possibile to wash any outside suface perfectly.

To be used only with cold water


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